Die Galicienreise - Trip to Galicia

The title is a homage to ‘The Journey to Tunis’ by Paul Klee, August Macke and Louis Moilliet.
The series is a tribute to expressionism, surrealism (in the sense that it shows a kind of 
reinvention of nature) and early abstract art. It plays with all these elements. 
The paintings combine elements of dream, rough expressionism and sublime water colour painting.
Altogether I made eight trips to Galicia. In the summer of 2014, I took 16 pieces of fabric and 
water colours with me. 
Beforehand, I prepared the fabric with fine modelling plaster (technique: Paul Klee) which hardened 
the fabric to thin plaster plates. 
For three weeks I worked on water colour sketches trying to catch the light, colours, the smell and 
forms of Galicia. 
Back in my London studio I continued to work on these early stages of paintings: I stamped, scratched 
and vandalised all winter long. “Abstract dreamings” of Galicia are the result.

15 paintings: Water Colour, Lacquer, Pastell, Chinese Ink, Pigment, Acrylic on Plaster ca. 26 x 29 cm, 2014/2015

















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